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Waste is only waste when we waste it! - Aman

Many people don’t know what happens when they waste things. Are you one of them? They need to understand what happens for that! But, what they want is a full, neat, clean and organized home! But will waste things and throw it on anywhere they want! In the neighbourhood, in the garden, on the ground, or anywhere you see. They make others suffer to approach their expectations. 

Hi, I am Aman Shaikh, from Ahmedabad. A teen who likes to think from other points of view. A teen who supports positively and makes change happen.

So well guys, in this writing you will find some causes and solutions for those causes. Because we can solve a problem not only in one way but with other ways as well and it’s necessary too. Now without any further ado, let’s get started! 

1. First things first!

People these days throw waste only because of two problems. They don’t have information about what will happen if they do that or what actually it can cause! 

2. They do it on purpose!

I mean actually when they know what can it still cause, they do that. I mean who doesn’t know whatever can cause too much garbage! So there are many, many people who don’t know how expensive it can be! To be true even my parents don’t know what happens with it. That’s still not true. Some people just act that they actually don’t know.


1. Teach them obviously! 

Let them know how much time it takes to decompose a plastic bag, Bottle, or anything. Do let them know that the more the waste the more toxic gas will be released! Do let them know some of the solutions for waste management or ask for one! When they know about the problem then just ask for a solution! It is very important! Because full information Is always better than no information! 

Try to give as much information as much possible! 

2. Always ask for help! 

People in my area started creating a new small landfill ( they call it 'khandar' ) I mean really! There’s one big Gujarat’s largest garbage landfill standing out there and you are being the one not to change it but making another!! If it would be true na, then our honourable prime minister sir will once again make walls to hide the landfill from others! You don’t know? Well, if you don’t then our 'honourable' prime minister was hiding the Pirana landfill from the president of the United States!

And got an award-winning for Swachh Bharat! I mean wow!

Okay, let’s come to the point! So there is no facility of garbage vans in my area so people started throwing waste there! Even my family does that! Well, I think there is no fault of the normal public! Because, what do they do? When there was the facility then the public was following it. And when there’s not so what will people do? They can’t keep their garbage in their home obviously! They will throw only na!! 

So for this problem, I thought of a solution! 

➢ Just search for some help on the internet and find out some contacts of the Ahmedabad Municipal corporation. Then, try convincing them the problem and ask for some help. Will ask to remove the waste from the landfill and ask to put a notice to not throw garbage. 

➢ Ask for the garbage van facility! And make sure that they come daily!


Hey, so there were some of my perspectives on problems on waste management. And also some causes and solutions to manage waste. In my area! Thanks for reading! 😘 

Aman Shaikh, Teach for India Student Grade 7, Brighton English School, Ahemdabad.

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