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Once you learn to read, you will be free forever. 

The stories we hear as children shape our view of the World.

Most children in India live their lives in a limited environment, reading stories to them will take them to places meet extraordinary people, enrich experience and create eye-opening situations. 

Stories do more than this -Help us cope, foster hope, help us remember and imagine, help us solve problems and try new solutions, keep us engaged, become our voice in the world, transfer knowledge and morals, and help children think outside the books

At pencilbricks we employ a unique way of delivering life skills to children by blending them with colourful stories.

Storytelling based life skills education follows a curriculum framework that simplifies Teaching, Practicing, and Assessing essential life skills by breaking down one skill into simple actionable steps. Every actionable step is imparted to students in the form of a story and a DIY activity.

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Grade 6 Teacher, Mumbai

My entire class enjoyed the storybook a lot and the kids who struggle to read independently turned out to be the most excited to actually complete the apron activity which was extremely heartening to see.

Grade 5 teacher, Pune.

I think its a really innovative and creative way to teach life skills through stories as this keeps them engaged and gives learning at the same time

Literacy Teacher, Pune

Teacher Testimonials

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