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Oh, the places you will go when you read. 

The stories we hear as children shape our view of the World.

Most children in India live their lives in a limited environment, reading stories to them will take them to places meet extraordinary people, enrich experience and create eye-opening situations. 

Stories do more than this -

Help us cope

Foster hope

Help us remember and imagine

Help us solve problems and try new solutions

Keep us engaged
Become our voice in the world

Transfer knowledge and morals

Help children think outside the books

Once you learn to read, you will be free forever. 

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Stories have always played an important role in the child's life. The books they read, the characters they get to know through books become like friends.


Stories are great way to introduce new words, ideas, skills and knowledge as children are engaged deeply while reading a story or when an adult reads them one.


Integrate life skills in short fun stories

Provide access to multi-lingual stories for children aged 8-12

Access to stories and characters who are solving problems

Assess and measure your skills 

Help schools build library

Encourage community libraries

Skill Certification