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Mission: Gender EquALLity

Goal – World without Gender!

So, Hi there. Welcome to my Queendom. Today let's put light on the very pronounced and normalized issue “Gender Inequality.

Our journey will be:

Girls are always said, "One day you will be married to a rich man who will keep you happy forever." And I smiled innocently often blushed too until I saw the advertisement of Fair and lovely saying, “Teen Saal me achi job, Acha ghar, well settled, tab Banega Na match equal equal.” So I started building my mind to have an independent life to which the response from my family was, "Although we also want you to be independent, it is tough for girls."

Understanding the problem:

Gender and inequality are two different terms, when presented together it reveals an ever-happening problem of our planet.

Because our society never fails to treat men and women differently. Although if we accept that men and women are different physiologically, there arises the question, “Why people think that girls are weak?”

➢ You can't take responsibility if you are a woman.

➢ You can't walk out alone because you are a woman.

➢ You can't fight your battles if you are a woman.

➢ Leave that heavy material, you are weak.

➢ Leave that adventurous dreams, you are weak.

In one of the famous lines “Beti Bachao – beti padhao” I want to ask why are people so focused on explaining that girls are weak and they have to be protected?

Similarly, “Tu meri beti nahi beta hai”. I see this as a clear prone of gender discrimination hidden behind a curtain. So, let me lift the curtain by asking, are girls that useless that they cannot achieve anything, and if they do achieve something, they should be given the status of a boy?

Our society fails to give true value to the females in our society. We make them feel inferior in every walk of life and it all starts at home.

Why and How we should face it:

“Gender inequality” is often overshadowed and not brought to light. How can ensure that all genders are treated as ‘equals’? Maybe this is what we need to keep thinking about and come up with the idea that can make the “gender inequality” come to a halt.

Psychological Exposure:

Every daughter mus be educated about her basic rights as a citizen.

  • Right to live

  • Right for education

  • Right to choose a career of her choice

Start from your homes. Let women around you learn and have access to equality. And educate her to take this education forward which will act as a catalyst and reach every ear from home to societies to nation at large.

Now that girls have entered the world of education, it's time for educational institutions to play their role by providing equal opportunities by eliminating gender. Educate every person in the room about equality. Educate with motivational stories and boost their self-esteem, because, in the end, it's not a woman fight. It’s a Human fight.

Physical Exposure:

So, now that our daughters are educated, let them apply it practically. Allow their opinions in decision-making. Allow her to speak in-crowd and make her voice hear to every corner. Train her in sports and self-defence to be physically strong.

Economic Exposure:

Now that she is psychologically and physically strong, allow her to empower herself and earn her living. Let her fight her own battle. Guide her to the right path. Allow her to choose her field of expertise.

Gender Equality:

With the vision of our mission, we have seen how it can be achieved. And yes, there are less but strong cons to the solution. So let's have a focussed look to achieve our goal.

According to today’s world, Economic exposure cannot be the best solution if a woman has no access to the right education.

If women have the education and economic exposure, the world is not a safe place and we already have many articles speaking about sexual assault, rape, deaths etc.

Therefore, straight simple and energetic counteract to equality is EDUCATION. Because once she has the right education, she has the ability to deal with all the stoppages.

Many sessions are been conducted, many awareness programs are being taken forward to motivate families asking them to support their daughters, many rules have been implemented. So why are women still stuck in gender inequality?

Now, I want you to pause reading close your eyes take time to find the answer for this.






Welcome back to reality.

It is because when the whole motivation sessions on women empowerment and feminism endsssszzzzz… our family members think about it and say:

“Haan, Woh sab toh theek hai, sahi hai. Lekinnn, apni bachi ithna nahi karpaayegi. ("Yes, all right, that's right. But, she will not be able to do so much)”

Now, this is what I call as a communication barrier. It’s the time for the communication between a daughter and her family to find out, why do they think she can’t? What is stopping them to have faith in her? Why are they not able to support her?

That’s when this game of gender inequality ends and reality slaps. It’s time for a woman herself to find a path to her better life by finding answers to the questions raised by her family and equalize herself to a man fighting against all the odds and norms.



It's not about who's the strongest sex, it's all about respect. We need to focus on giving them the respect they deserve, it's their right and we will see this world reforming into a better place for the good of humankind. Unfortunately, it seems like an unseen vision ever gonna be achieved by us, cause they evolved into humans and we became mindless beasts. We need to be humans first to make sure this vision to be achieved. Just focus on giving them respect and all the other good things will fall into place one by one.

Also, do let me know your views on:

Why are we still facing this inequality when we already have these many examples?

Many sessions are been conducted, many awareness programs are being taken forward to motivate families asking them to support their daughters, many rules have been implemented. So why are women still stuck in gender inequality?

In the comment box.

Thank you!

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- Saba, Management Student

Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh

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