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Life skills are a set of abilities, attitudes and socio-emotional capability that enable individuals to learn, make informed decisions and exercise rights to lead a healthy and productive life and subsequently become agents of change.

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Solve Problems

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Be Creative

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Listen Effectively

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Speak Effectively

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Think and Act positive

Aim High

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Work in teams

Life skills are a complement and not a substitute to foundational skills like reading, writing and mathematics.

Life skills help in developing conceptual clarity and awareness of social rights in our children and adolescents.

Students who develop life skills are more aware about different career opportunities and options.

Adolescents who have life skills lead a productive life as an adult. 

Kids who lack Problem solving skill may avoid taking actions when faced with a problem. 

Lack of awareness of skills results in a situation where children may invest time in avoiding a challenge than fixing it. 


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Children and youth have limited access and exposure to Life skills

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Teaching life skills is HARD

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Teachers and schools struggle to assess and record life skills related growth


Skill gap needs assessment

Design Fun skill building activities

Support schools in building positive learning environment

Delivery through curricular and extracurricular channels

Monitor and record skill growth

Skill certification and report cards

Teacher capacity building to facilitate life skills

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