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Blogging as a Problem Solving tool

We often talk about storytelling in marketing as a way to talk about our brand, our product, our service or even about our team.


We as humans respond to good stories, stories with a good choice of words, creativity & good way of presenting it.

Blogs are stories with prior experience and future potential, with technology. It helps the writers reach audience globally.


Have you ever thought of how blogs can be used as a problem-solving tool? We know a great blog or a story when it leads to real discussions. They help us in identifying our opinions, have healthy discussions and challenges us to connect through empathy. They are basic, yet rich building blocks of human interaction and incredible problem solvers.


We have bloggers who worked with us to solve problems that we come across in our everyday life. Here are a series of such blogs which are talking about solving some of the challenging problems in the 

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