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Journey of Making a Change - Huda

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Many of us face many problems/challenges in our lives. No matter it's small or a complex one. But only some of us chooses to solve those problems and brings up a change. Think about it, a small step towards solving a problem can lead up to a huge change.

Why is working towards making change is important?

It is important because imagine, when all those who face problems try to solve it than our world will be fully transformed and changed so don't stop yourself from taking a step forward to solve problems with all potential you have if you want to change the world.

It will be a little harder but not impossible if we have a spirit of I can.

Now let's learn a few steps /procedure to solve different problems. So there are 2 types of problems that we would face.

1. Simple problem

2. Complex problem

We have to use a different procedure to solve both of them because both are very different from each other.

Let's see now how they differ from each other and how do we solve them, by taking one example of each?

Simple Problem: It looks simple. Has fewer causes. Solving one cause can solve the whole problem and it also takes less time to solve it. Now let's work on one simple problem.

Problem statement:

My younger brother doesn’t let me work or study:

1. To solve the problem what do you think is the first step we should do?

So, first of all, I will try to get some extra information about it to help me solve this problem like for this one I can ask some of my friends, teachers or Google that what are the ways to keep kids busy through different activities and push them to learn. After I know about it I can use these and keep my younger brother busy.

The extra information I have gathered:

My teacher suggested that when we are trying to keep our younger siblings busy so that they don't disturb us so we should plan something for them which will keep them happy and something which will not make them feel bored. And to find out some interesting activities for kids I have used Google. I have mentioned a link at the end of it.

2. But the most important thing I should know during solving this problem is why is it happening. Finding causes of this problem can help me to find the answer to why is it happening.

How I will find the causes?

I will observe carefully on when my younger brother is disturbing me and try to find why is he doing so. I have come up with these causes after observing.


  • I found that he is not busy in any work.

  • He is not interested in playing some games again and again.

Now I know causes, so my next step will be finding some best solutions to this so that my solution can be long-lasting till my brother grows up.

I am going to make a list of solutions. Then find the pros and cons of each one.

Why am I finding pros and cons to each solution?

I am finding the pros and cons of each solution to get the best solution.

How can I get the best solution by finding the pros and cons?

I can get the best solution in a way that whichever have fewer cons that mean that is my best solution.

Pro: A positive thing about a solution.

Con: A negative thing.

4. I have come up with a solution to plan interesting activities for my brother in which he will enjoy a lot and also doesn't feel bored if he repeats it also. I have come with these pros and cons for this solution.


  • He will enjoy it a lot, he will get to learn something

  • He will not disturb to my mother also, I will be able to study well

  • He will not get bored, he will not run out of home and stays safe.


  • Might my brother can finish activities very fast and continue disturbing me.

  • Many of us can't create interesting activities

  • We would not have time to make this activity for them.

We will find parallel solutions to these cons also so that the solution becomes stronger.

Here are some solutions to the cons:

I have come up with some long activities. Some of them are

1. We can make a big tent with blankets for small kids and fill it with some healthy snacks, toys, simple books which they can understand, and some puzzles and close the tent and leave kids in it. In this, the best thing is there is no dangerous objects or anything which can harm them like in homes they keep roaming around and play with any object.

2. Make some water games for them. Like separating things from water, Or put their toys in water and give them one towel to take out toys from water and dry it.

3. Make a schedule for kids, So that we can plan their activities when we are doing work. And also it maintains it's routine. It will also keep them healthy.

Summary of how to solve a simple problem:

  1. After finding a problem, try to find extra information about it and get more details about it.

  2. Find its causes.

  3. Make a list of different solutions.

  4. Find the pros and cons of it.

  5. Your best solution is which has less cons and more pros. Now after getting best solution find parallel solutions to it.

Its time to implement!

Complex problem: It is hard to solve, have multiple causes and solving one cause will not solve the whole problem. It takes a long time to solve.

Problem statement:

Men and women are treated unequally while they are given work at their homes.

(In this problem I am not only talking about the inequality faced by women but men do face it and inequality impacts a lot on both their lives )

This problem has many causes, some of them are:

  1. Closed mindset leads to only seeing the small part of our world and doesn't let us be positive and stops our mind to think brighter and learn.

  2. Lack of enlightenment: This stops us from making the right choice and then we discriminate our children based on their gender. Eg: People are educated but not enlightened of what is wrong and what is right that's why the inequality still occurs.

  3. Religious beliefs: Many times something or the other is given in religious books and we believe in the wrong information given by people without checking it out.

  4. Believing blindly on others leads to inequality because when we are believing in people like this we are only aware of wrong information.

  5. Patriarchy: We live on the rules made by our society. That's why still there is a difference in how women and men are paid. Because if we the following patriarchy today people treat different from both genders and stop them from supporting each other.

  6. No knowledge about rights: There are many rights for women's and men but the problem is they are not aware of it and even if they know many of them to stop themselves to fight against the wrong that's why this inequality keeps growing. We can say about no knowledge seeing the fact of only 43.74% population is a complete education in this whole world.

  7. Lack of motivation: Many girls and women want to do something and men want to support them to but society and people stop them to do so.

In this problem all causes are different but we can find some links between all causes like knowledge about different things like rights, religious, enlightenment etc are linked together. So we can find some solutions which can solve all the causes which are linked together.

Let's start following some steps to solve this problem!

  • Because it is a complex problem so we have to get more information about the problem, to find the best solutions. Like we can refer to our textbooks if it has information about this or we can reach out to our teachers and Google.

Some of the solutions we can find are:

1. Most of the time, inequality based on gender starts from homes, so it needs to be treated in homes. First of all, we need to educate all kids with the right information and treat them equally because they are stepping out in the world and when we empower them than we are ensuring a better future for them and our world. If we do not educate our kids properly than this will keep continuing.

2. Men and women both should not follow patriarchy, then only they can move forward and men can support women to raise their voice. Patriarchy to suppresses both their voices, it doesn't only harm women but also men in different ways like when women try to move forward and do something and men also support them then society bullies them and says them are you, women. So this is the biggest cause of inequality.

MOTIVATE: Many men and women need the motivation to move their step forward to get rid of all this inequality and society rules. So no one should stop to motivate whether it is a teacher, mother, sister or father all should push every child to get their own freedom.

Difference between simple and a complex problem:

Simple problem:

  • Less work to do

  • Has less causes.

  • Solving 1 cause can solve the whole problem.

  • Causes are simple.

  • Less time to solve.

Complex problem:

  • More work to do.

  • It has multiple causes.

  • Solving one cause doesn’t solve all problem.

  • Takes more time to solve the problem.

  • Problem is very complicated.

Hence I conclude that no matter it is a simple or complex problem everything is easy if you try your best. Follow each procedure properly which I have mentioned and put your all efforts. Remember always a small step will bring a huge change. Many problems in this world will keep continuing if we continue to suppress our voices. Remember one thing that, change comes from us and once we start changing ourselves others will follow us and it will become a chain of change. Don't wait for others to motivate you, keep motivating yourself.

Below are the links I have used to find extra information and some images:

- Huda Sultana, Teach for India student

Grade 9, Madina Mission High School

Jhanauma, Hyderabad

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