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Community Schools


The story

A few months back Rehan told Ankita didi - " there is no alignment in what I study in school and what my tuition teacher asks me to do, and there is no time for me to do what I want to, it is stressful. "

Project 'Roots and Wings' is an such attempt to answer the queries of many Rehans, their teachers and parents. It is a place where kids explore their interests, re-learn whats been taught in school with their peers, understand the community that they live in, try and solve community related problems through fun filled projects, unleash their talents in various art forms and sports. 

Phase 1  Child

Phase 2  Child + Parent

Phase 3  Child + Parent + Other stakeholders

Phase 1 

Our focus is on building local community leaders, students in the phase 1 and parents in phase 2. Community leaders will work towards solving problems in community related to child development.

One of our project is a learning centre run at homes of the various children, these centres have students as facilitators engaging younger children assisted by adults. Our student leaders have been consistent in mentoring some of the children in their community who do not get a chance to go to the school and who deserve an early attention and support. They focus on academics, motor skills, building confidence and letting children explore their interests with the available resources.

Volunteering - We have art, craft, music, and indoor games camp on weekend for the children and the community people. Volunteers from different backgrounds join us on Saturdays and Sundays to help children pursue their passion and calling. This is a platform fro everyone in the centre to participate, identify and nurture their talents and be proficient to a level where they can learn these on their own. 


Phase 2    

Phase 2 focuses on engaging parent and the child together keeping in mind the primary focus as overall child development. 

The first project in phase 2 is Ammi's Kitchen. Ammi's kitchen is our take on tackling the nutritional issue in the community.



Creating recreational learning spaces run by the local people, where diverse set of stakeholders of the community meet and learn from each other with primary focus being overall child development.