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The Art of Teaching - Huda

"Teaching is an art. In this art more than understanding textbooks most important part is to understand students"

Many things can be thought through teaching but I am talking about providing excellent education through teaching.

My Story! (How teaching has an impact on me)

I was a confused girl sitting on the last bench. Only chasing good marks and ranks and blindly learning without any questions. Very scared to raise my voice. But after getting some good teachers, my life changed. They shaped my thoughts and changed my mindset. I started raising my thoughts, opinions and ideas. I started knowing what is going around me and also got self-aware. I set my goals and start working towards it.

The way kids learn:

Kids need encouragement to learn. Like when we answer wrong in our class and our teachers say to shut up to us instead of encouraging than next time we don't even try to answer. They learn from the teachers they like so it’s very important to create a safe environment in the class and to build a strong bond between kids and teachers. Kids learn something when they find it interesting so teachers have to make an interesting lesson plan. They also respond to a positive attitude so whenever they are taking a long time to learn so teachers need to keep patience and believe in kids.

Responsibilities of a teacher:

1. A teacher should make sure that kids are self-aware and know their goals so that they can apply their learnings and achieve something.

2. They need to encourage each kid every day to push them to move forward.

3. They need to make sure that other than textbook kids are also learning about their surroundings and prepared to face the world and its problems.

4. They need to be well planned for their classes so that they don’t confuse students.

5. It's very important that teachers should teach kids that failure is not an end of life because many students move forward and when they face failure they give up and go into depression.

Why should we choose to teach?

Millions of kids in our world want to learn, get an education but there is no one to teach, that's why it's very important for us to take forward a step to teach. When children get the education they can change the world. They can solve problems around us.

"Children are the leaders of our future. The world they are inheriting is damaged, divided and in urgent need of healing with the right education. It can help them point them in the right direction." -Raeesa Bukhrey (My teacher)

Challenges in teaching

It will be very hard for every teacher to understand each kid in the classroom and to create a safe bond between kids and them, also to make a lesson plan according to kids interest. Many times their patience can break out and it will be very hard to keep hope when you are putting all your effort and nothing is working in your class. Many times you try to push each kid and still there is no progress in them. In all these situations all the teachers just have to be stronger and believe in each kid.

"The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

- Malcolm Forbes

When does a teacher feel happy during teaching?

When teachers see small progress in kids teachers feel very happy seeing them grow and develop. When kids raise their hand to ask questions or when they start raising their voice. It is an adorable moment for a teacher when their kids create something with their learnings. Teachers feel happy spending time with kids and understanding them.

Huda Sultana, Teach for India student

Grade 9, Madina Mission high school

Jhanauma, Hyderabad.

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