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Simple problem vs Complex problem


Our life is full of problems, even if we try to avoid it, it always stands on our door knocking as if your exams were conducted in school. Who cares about you and others a lot?

Sometimes it acts as our uncle/ aunt who loves entering your house at the wrong time. In the beautiful journey of life if you don’t face it you will always be in trouble.

The one who looks at it differently can solve these problems and kick them outside the house. All the problems can be classified into two ways:

  1. Simple problem 

  2. Complex problem 

Let’s consider the differences between both types and how to approach it. 

What do you think a simple problem might be? Many of you might have thought of answers like this simple problem have a simple solution. Bingo. A simple problem is a problem which has few causes but by fixing one cause you can solve the problem.

To understand it in a better way, let's consider an example:

Phone doesn’t charge even after connecting to the charger”.

What can be done to solve this problem? 

Firstly we need to understand what is creating the problem. Well, I have found out a few of the problems which are causing this problem.

Cable or Adaptor: -

It might be possible that the charging adaptor is damaged from inside. Or the socket of the cable is damaged. To solve this problem one can try exchanging this alternately with other supplies like try connecting the cable to a laptop or other adaptor or else replace the cable and check if the phone is charging or not. Do you also know that most of the time the pins of the socket of cable are bent so we think it is damaged and we discard it but by fixing it we can reuse the cable? 


If the cable and adaptor are working properly we think that the phone’s socket is damaged or the battery is creating the problem but do you know that the reality is the dust in the charging port. As the charging socket is not connected properly the amount of amperage needed to phone will not meet. The small amount of dust puts a great impact on battery life. And cause the charging problem. So if you face this problem clean the socket using a vacuum cleaner (which is made to clean these devices) or if you don’t have it then you use small brushes to clean it.


Battery problem or the charging port problem. How should we identify it? Follow the basic instruction: - 

  • Try connecting the charging cable socket to the port and if it’s charging it will appear to be increasing the charging after some period. If not then 

  • Connect another charging cable to the socket if it is successful your battery percentage will boost. If not then it might be the socket problem. Visit the nearest store and get it replaced. 

Extra load:- 

Due to extra applications running in the background or work while charging phones will always create problems in charging and on the processor. Which is wrong. The processor is designed to carry the extra load but if it goes beyond its limitation then it can result in damaging the device and show the saviour effect of charging duration. So when you are charging you should clear all the tabs or make them sure your device is on flight mode so that your mobile should not bear tons of load

Important points to remember while solving a simple problem:

Sometimes we come up with solutions and we think that is the best method to execute it. For example, if you detect a problem in the cable, and you find one of the pins is bent then you might think that I can fix it.

But, do you know that pins are delicate if you by mistaken press it harder then there is a possibility that it might break? So now you may think how should we fix the problem?

We'll always remember to try finding the pros and cons of the solutions then pick the correct solution based on the pros and cons and finally seek help from your elders to build on the solution.

Here in this case if I can try fixing the pins I might break so I will take the help of the elder who can repair it.

If you detect any one of the problems from the causes then by fixing it you can solve all this issue.  

Now we know how to solve simple problems but do you know what to do when we face a complex problem? Before we dive into the way to handle it or think for it let us understand what is a complex problem? A complex problem is one that takes lots of time to solve and it contains many causes. And the cause may be linked or may not be linked to each other. To deal with it we have to solve each cause.

Let us take an example and see how we can approach it:

The problem is “students are not able to learn during lockdown”. This may be sounding like a simple problem, don't you think so? Well, let’s find out what exactly it is to approach this problem.

Let's follow up with a few steps:

1. Detective: -

Let’s think like a detective and search what may be the causes students are not able to learn in lockdown. Here are a few causes that might a student is facing during the lockdown. 

a. He might not have access to learn what he wants to learn (resources).

b. If possibly he/she finds any source to learn online, it may not be necessary for that student to afford internet connections. 

c. Even if he gets the chance to learn something which interests him, the family might cause some or the other problem (Younger brother/sister continuously disturbing, too much noise in the house, etc.). 

d. If someone is a sportsperson and want to learn more things. It is difficult for him to practice the skills or improvise on it as space is the concern. 

e. He or she may also create carouse at home, for that he might also have to face the consequences from parents. 

We have been detected what are the causes, now what should we do next? Like a good detective also try to find the link between the problems as it leads to the solution. So we know what we can do next. 

2. Find the link:- 

As per our definition of the complex problem we might not find all the links to the problem. But we can defiantly try connecting the dots. In the above causes let’s see how can we connect the dots. 

Let’s see what are the possible solutions that can be adapted? 

  1. 3. Let’s solve the problems:- 

Looking at the dots I don’t think we can solve this problem with one solution. We might need multiples of solution for it like:

  • If you solve the problem of the internet then there might be chances that you can get some resources but cannot get complete resources and it may be costly. 

  • While learning you need to control yourself and not make chaos so that others don’t get disturbed and you might be saved by their anger.

  • You need to control your sister/ brother in such a way that he/ she listens to you and not disturb you while you are learning (maybe you can give them chocolate or tell them that you will help them when they need help, etc.) it’s upon the way you handle them. 

  • Since you are facing a space problem you have to plan your practice in such a way that you don’t need much space. For example, doing home workouts, shadow practice of your action, etc. 

To handle complex problems you can be a detective, and you know what a detective does. 


In our daily life, we face many problems. It may be a simple or complex problem. Every problem has a solution, a simple problem can be solved by fixing one simple solution and it’s very easy whereas complex problems test your patients and intelligence. Whenever you are in any problem take a breath, drink some water, think of possible solutions to solve it, and kick it hard so that it will not continuously knock your door.


- Sachinkumar Pandit, First year B.Sc.

Yashwantrao Mohite College, Pune

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