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Revisiting the sparkling moments of life!!

We have made ourselves so busy and engrossed into the fast pacing lives that we don't have time to notice what’s going around us. We often see them around but never make an effort to stop for a while and observe or appreciate them.

Aren’t you tired? Don't you want to stop now? Don't you want to live in the moment?

I was tired. I wanted to stop now. I wanted to live in the moment to the fullest for as long as I can.

In our busy schedule, we have forgotten to witness the little things that add happiness in our lives. We have forgotten that the memories we make in adulthood are what we cherish throughout our life. So ask yourself; what are you doing to add spark in your lives? The whole day I had been wondering about this question, or more like thinking about this sudden unprepared reality check.

That’s when, I started noticing the little things happening around me, with me and with others associated with me. I started paying attention to the minute details that once just felt ordinary but now seems extraordinary; trees that were near my building- the way it swayed from one side to the other like it’s dancing with the wind, heard the chirping of birds returning to their nests from a tiresome wander and for a while, I stayed in my bed staring at the wings of the fan; moving around in circles just the way everyone else is running around in circles in their lives, no cherishable moments, merely surviving the days and not living it.

This made me realize that happiness and satisfaction which I was searching for so long were always around me and I had failed to acknowledge.

He was there when I was celebrating and cherishing my happiness, was also there in the moments of sadness sitting beside me and crying along with me. He never left my side even if I scolded him.

You might be thinking who is he? Well, he is my pet dog, Pluto. He was always around me trying to give me that little happiness which I was searching for so long and haven't noticed yet.

This was the time when I decided to take a break and spend some time with him and make beautiful memories before it's too late, because “regret is stronger than gratitude”. I started to observe him for a day and discovered some beautiful, interesting things about him.

So, let me take you through Pluto’s schedule for the day. He usually wakes up before everyone gets up. Quickly runs for pee and poop (shit) session. Later you will find him waking up everybody in the house, starting from my parent’s room. He will sneak in and make room for himself to adjust between them. In no time, he gets all their undivided attention and love for himself- I feel jealous at times! And when he feels enough he’ll exit from there and straight away jump on me and my sister’s bed with that cute little woofy sound and make himself comfortable with his head resting peacefully on my stomach. Trust me, it just feels warm and tickly at the same time making giggles pour out of my mouth without an ounce of self-control and it sure wakes everyone else.

As soon as he accomplishes his task of waking everyone up, he runs behind my mom jumping around her, asking for some snacks. After having some of them you will find him playing with small nuts rather than eating. He will pick some nuts in his mouth, throw them up in the air and run behind them, trying to catch it directly in his mouth.

Then he will take a quick tour of our house, greeting all of us occasionally and stays in the balcony for some quality time taking in the fresh air and spending some ‘Me’ time. Softly barking sometimes- which many times; feels like he is having a good conversation with nature and birds around him.

After having a good start of the day he will spend his remaining day by taking small naps in each corner of the house. And yes don't panic if you are unable to find him anywhere in the house because he loves to play hide and seek.

Time passes and at lunchtime, on just a mere call from Mommy- “Pluto come favourite baby, your lunch is ready” and in no time you will find him standing in front of my mom waving his tail with a big smile on his face. As soon as the food is served in his favourite bowl he starts eating his food. Then with a bark or two, asks mom to serve some more food in his bowl, and guess what? Rather than eating the food, he will take it to his secret corner in the house, so that he can have it later on.

But I don't know what makes him so charged up at night. He will try to play with you, jumping from one sofa to the other assuming himself as a superman and will encourage you to play with him by nudging his nose on your legs, rolling in your laps and if he doesn't get any attention from us then he will quickly run away to bring all his toys and keep them in front of you and keep barking at you

Somehow we manage to control him and cool down his anger. Don’t worry, it’s not that much of a difficult task to control him, the only thing you have to do is give him his favorite bone to chew on and he will forget everything and will enjoy his meal with a big cute smile on his face.

While spending the whole day with him I realized that these were the little things which mattered and I had been missing out so much in my life. The happiness which he finds in little things and accepts everything the way it is, the way he tries to engage us with him and it never fails to make me happy, whatever he does is somehow cuter than the other.

He was always around me but I have never noticed these things about him before until now, the childish behaviour where he wants to be the king of the house and has an unbreakable faith that everyone will listen to him.

We should take a break for a while from our busy lives and appreciate the little things which are around us and live in the moments before it's too late.

I hope that you will take out some time from your busy schedule to observe your habits and surroundings and recognize something that needs to be changed. Make a little change in the routine and witness how small things can make a big difference in your life as well as the people around you.

- Deepali Patil, Third-year

K. P. B. Hinduja College of Commerce


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