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Polythene solution - Basit

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

We all human beings and animals create so many Wastes in our daily life. All the garbage which we create does not get treated by the government. Only a few gets treated and others go to garbage dumps.

In fact, according to the press information bureau, India generates 62 million tons of waste.

One of the biggest waste created by humans is polythene waste. Different human health problems like irritation in the eye, vision failure, breathing difficulties, repertory problems, cancer, skin diseases, liver dysfunction, cancers, skin diseases, lungs problems, headache, dizziness and many other problems are caused. All these problems even take so much money to get diagnosed and treated.

So why to waste money and polythene?

Solution: There might be another solution too, but one good solution is we can have cloth bags for shopping. Shopping bags should be of cloth which will help us to shop much better.

• All these reusable bags are strong and can be used for many years worth of shopping trips. It will be long-lasting because it is protective because it is cloth, so no need to take tension on that.

Cost-effective: You can use your cloth shopping bags for years and never throw them away. When they get dirty, it is simple to wash them and keep on using them. This is how we can save money even.

Simple to carry: Carrying a reusable bag with a comfortable, cloth handle is much easier on the hands. Because now no fear of tearing a polythene bag. Even we can store something.

All the above are some points which will help us change our mindset of using polythene bags. But let’s see some disadvantages while using a cloth shopping bag.

The main disadvantage of using reusable grocery bags is that they consist of a lot of bacteria. In fact, several other microorganisms are also found in these bags which make them slightly unsafe to use.

Solution for the above problem

• Can wash in a week

• Change in another month

• Be safe from putting it anywhere you won’t put it at a safe and clean space.

Summary: There are so many wastes created by human beings but most of it is polythene waste. Because we shop a lot and everywhere we find easy methods like polythene bags. This also affects our community and our health. So start using a reusable bag, which will help us to protect our community and us.

Thank you so much for reading this. Wish it teaches you something and you take some learning.

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- Basit Ansari, Teach for India student

Grade 7, Brighton English school, Ahmedabad

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