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Updated: May 31, 2020

" I feel that I can be a good teacher to teach children and I can provide good education to students "

Hi, I am Khushi, a non Teach For India kid (let's just say that I don't have access to good education @school) but a little bit of support can change everything, just like how bhaiyas and didis at pencilbricks have empowered me to teach. I would like to thank all the facilitators for the support and the help that they have offered. My experience is great with pencilbricks, that l do not have words to tell. And when I sit with my centre students and think about them, the time which I spend with kids I feel happy and I find a space where no one can argue about my teaching. It's just like how our family gives us feedback to perform better and improve. I feel this is a better education which we are providing, actually a Real education. As we are expanding, we are having new members in our family, Welcome! You All!

Khushi, studies in grade 10, Ahmedabad

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