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“I am a Smart person and I have Smart goals now”

Updated: May 31

Hi, I am Basit and I have been working in pencilbricks from almost a year. It is exciting, I feel like a leader. It has given me a lot of opportunities to explore myself and helped me build skills and learn new things. When I attend a meeting I feel like I can fully trust my teammates who help me grow. Earlier, I didn’t know how to overcome the challenges in my life, I used to go to tuition after school and waste my time. When I joined pencilbricks I thought it is like any other project, however it taught me how to solve problems of the community and that makes me happy. I feel I am a smart person now and can achieve smart goals that I set for myself and my fellow teammates. I am thankful to all my dear fellows in starting this project.

Basit studies in grade 7, Teach For India student

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