pencilbricks will recruit student interns to empower children and support their families while working from home. Student interns will work on four categories mainly, blogging, creating videos, photography and doodle art. The interns will be paid a stipend of Rs.1000/- for the completion of this internship.

This way they will support their families during and after the lockdown as most of their parents are daily wagers and are currently aren’t earning

The internship is aligned with  problem-solving and leadership. The interns will build these skills throughout the internship and create artefacts based on the category they choose. These artefacts created will be assessed on five strands - creativity, presentation, alignment, aiming high and problem-solving.


pencilbricks will partner with various online platforms to publish the artefacts created by the student interns for the world to hear their voice.

Expected outcomes: Students who show a growth of 1 level on all strands of the rubric while achieving the problem-solving skills defined for the internship, will be given an opportunity to further continue working with pencilbricks.

Along with leadership and problem-solving skills, by the end of this internship, pencilbricks aims to develop Empathy in students by exposing them to various themes to work on.

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