About Us

pencilbricks is a non-profit initiative started by a group of Teach for India alumni with a belief that the communities are the unit of change in overall development of a child.

We work on strengthening and empowering the communities by building parent and student leaders.

The Problem

Education is fundamental to an equitable society. An excellent education equips children and youth with the knowledge, skills, values, and mindsets needed to be empowered individuals and responsible citizens. A child spends around 75% of his/her time in the community, thus making it an influential space for overall learning and development. 

But community isn't simple, it's a complex system of interlinked challenges and issues. Parents and children just cannot depend on the schools to solve the learning gap issue. The things a child learns in school are very different from the what they learn in the community [positive and negative]. This gap in learning is widening and there is a need to tackle this issue in the community along with school. Schools have School leaders and teachers, communities need local leaders. 

The Solution

Our focus is on building local community leaders, students in phase 1 and parents in phase 2. Community leaders will work towards solving problems in the community related to child development.

The program emphasises on building student leaders who will re-imagine education and learning in the community spaces, become voice for other children, unleash their talents and potential, children becoming partners in the learning, shaping the spaces in community which will be safe for them and be the advocates of children rights and basic needs.

In phase 2, the intervention focuses on making parents aware of the children’s challenges as learners and also as community members, be collaborators with other stakeholders to design child centric solutions, and become empathetic leaders.

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Thank you

Thank you to the alumni of pencilbricks for taking us through a period of incredible growth and change. 

The statistics provided in the Narrative page are from the city of Mumbai and are extracted from various study reports conducted before 2016.
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