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About us

pencilbricks is a non-profit initiative based out of Ahmedabad. Started by a group of Teach for India alumni with a belief that the communities are the unit of change in overall development of a child. We work on strengthening and empowering the communities by building parent and student leaders.


As the schools are implementing innovative and newer methods to engage the child and provide better quality of education, a child once goes back to community sees a very different picture. The truth is that there is a gap in the child's two worlds that is school and community, and this gap is increasing at a faster rate. Nevertheless at pencilbricks we believe that this gap can be closed by building community leaders who are committed to working together to build better communities for the child. 

In January 2018, pencilbricks Roots and Wings - a recreational community centre in Chandola community of Ahmedabad. This was our first step towards creating safe learning spaces for the people in the community. Now Roots and Wings has one operational space in Chandola, Ahmedabad reaching to around 70 kids and their families.

We aspire to build parent leaders who will be committed and focused on creating better spaces for their children, Badlaav is our take on solving the domestic and community issues through Design For Change projects led by the parents. In collaboration with Parvarish- seechon bachpan pyaar se, we facilitated DFC projects with 16 parents from 5 different schools solving domestic issues.