About Us

pencilbricks is a non-profit initiative started by a group of Teach for India alumni with a belief that the communities are the unit of change in overall development of a child.

The Vision


We envision building a movement of problem solvers in every community, who would then lead and solve local challenges by mobilising people. 

What are we trying to achieve?

Problem solving skills are essential and are required almost everywhere, in schools, colleges, work places or even in our day to day household activities.

Everyone has problems and are able to solve it either by coming up with a common solution or use a strategy they have already used. This becomes difficult when there is no obvious solution and the things that we have tried in the past don't work. So problem solving requires a scaffolded way of building steps to approach a problem and build multiple and sustainable solutions. 


We plan to integrate these scaffolded steps in the activities people already have a habit of doing it or are interested to continue doing, like hobbies or work or day to day household chores.


Our approach involves giving necessary structures which are contextualised to different age groups and have relevant problem solving steps for specific age. 

We want people to be aware of these steps, build and apply in their daily activities, see a growth in their problem solving skills and together become a part of a movement of problem solvers who will lead the communities towards a positive change. 

Meet The Team


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Thank you

Thank you to the alumni of pencilbricks for taking us through a period of incredible growth and change. 

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