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The Crisis

  • In an underprivileged low income community, 6 out of 10 parents feel that there is no future for their girl child.

  • In low income communities, 9 out of 10 children start their day with a simple cup of tea and a toast. 

  • Children and adults in underprivileged communities, lack role models.

  • 40% girls drop out from the schools at an age of 14.

  • 30% boys drop out from the schools and start their informal trainings and apprenticeships.


We aim at building LOCAL Leadership to solve the problems in the Underprivileged communities. 

  1. Design Thinking Program

  2. An easy guide on Problem Solving for both child and a parent 

  3. A leadership Track for a student a parent 

  4. Prototypes for the most pressing challenges in their communities

Meet The Team

Ankita Thakur Project Lead

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Chaitanya Endluri Project Lead

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Shrishti Pandey Project Lead

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Hrishikesh Patil  Project Lead

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