You can't fix education until you fix the community, education is not a building but a lifestyle and an environment 
                                                                                                                                             - Robert John Meehan

Status quo​

Community is an influential space for overall learning and development of the child. Yet the conditions of these communities for the urban poor are going from bad to worse.

  • 68% of street children are illiterate and 40% work in unorganised sector.

  • In the urban areas, out of 1000 girls, only 14 reach class 12.

  • 29% of girls in urban areas are victims of child marriages and this trend is increasing.

  • 35% of the street children are dealing with substance abuse.

Our Mission

Building a movement of child and parent leaders who will be the change makers of the community.

Our Approach

The journey of a child with pencilbricks has 3 main stages : 

Student Intern

A month of fun-filled boot camp  for students to learn solving Simple Problems around them through their hobbies. 

Student Innovator

Student Interns now get to work on Complex problems and innovate sustainable solutions for them. 

Student Leader

Student innovators form their own team, work on the sustainable solution and work with pencilbricks for 2 years. 

The statistics provided in the Narrative page are from the city of Mumbai and are extracted from various study reports conducted before 2016.
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