You can't fix education until you fix the community, education is not a building but a lifestyle and an environment 
                                                                                                                                             - Robert John Meehan

The Problem

Research says that growing up in poverty makes growing into leadership roles difficult.


In India 22% of the population is below poverty line, which means for this entire population 'Leadership' even in their locality or community may be just a dream. ​


The focus has always been on foundational skills and very minimal stress when it comes to transferable and job-specific skills. As the country is experiencing poverty and underdevelopment young people lack skills which are transferable and vital for employment and thriving. 

Children, adults and even people of older age face this challenge on a daily basis. The more important aspect of this problem is a development of a mindset in this section which puts them in a trap of thinking of NOW and surviving but not able to assess and diagnose any problem they or their community faces. The problem occurs right from childhood to adulthood, when they are in schools and also when they pursue studies or earn a living. 

Our Mission

Building a movement of child and parent leaders who will be the change makers of the community.

Our Approach

The journey of every individual we impact has 3 main stages : 


A month of fun-filled boot camp  for children and adults to learn solving Simple Problems around them through their hobbies. 


Children and adults now get to work on Complex problems and innovate sustainable solutions for them. 


Innovators form their own team, work on the sustainable solution and work with pencilbricks for 2 years. 

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